Sunday, July 27, 2008

7 Months old

At this point Campbell seems to have two passions in life; climbing up things, and putting things in his mouth.  He is getting very fast at the stairs and if they are blocked he will find something -anything- else to climb!  He also loves to smile.  I often will feel someone looking at me and when I look over at my little Campbell he breaks out into a huge grin.  I LOVE it!  He also cannot stop smiling when I come to get him out of his bed when he wakes up.  He makes me feel so loved.  My heart just melts. 


Darin and Jody said...

I can't believe how old Campbell looks. I hope that packing and moving goes well and that we will see you sometime soon.

50 said...

He's so cute!! I know what you mean when you talk about your boy melting your heart! Mine gets melted everyday, too:)
Can't believe he's climbing so much..well I kinda do believe. He's never really wasted time developing!

sullyssite said...

Hey girl,

Good to hear from you! Sooooooo... we are moving to the East coast!!! Crazy, scary, exciting... We just found out today. We are going to try to be up there by the beginning of September.
As for the dog question, I have mixed feelings, but in the end I've decided it's worth it. I'll have to call you soon to chat.

sethswifeforlife said...

Well, crazy is "normal" for you guys, right?
You should be used to moving by now, eh?
Although I know it's always a lot of work!
Hoping that with all he changes there is peace as you trust Him with your next steps! We hope to see you guys soon!
Are you starting school w/Taylor, or is she starting somewhere else?
Your growing Campbell is SO cute. Our Chan was very mobile too, he climbed as soon as he could crawl!
blessings to you guys!

Anonymous said...

These pics are where I think Sam and Campbell smile alike!!

Liz Sweet

Days in the Making said...

We are homeschooling Taylor. And, yes, at times like these I thank God for His peace that passes all understanding! I know it has nothing to do with my surroundings!!

~K.m.L~ said...

You guys are amazing:)
We miss you all!!!