Saturday, September 13, 2008

These Days

Here are just a few recent cute pictures of my funny family.

Happy Birthday, Aubrey!

Aubrey turned the big 3 this week!  She has been so excited about going to The Bounce for her birthday for so long, and the day has finally arrived!  We were going to go on Tuesday, but for some odd reason they close on Tuesdays!  We were SOOO disappointed.  So when we went on Thursday they were about to burst with excitement!  For her birthday we also went as a family to the park to feed the ducks and enjoy a picnic lunch of pb and honey sandwiches and juice boxes- a few of Aubrey's favorite things.  :)


"If I make a picture for God, can I bring it to heaven with me when I die?"- Taylor (our little artist)


For anyone who is concerned or just curious about how we are doing in this hurricane, I thought I'd post a few pictures to show what we have been doing so far...  I don't want to belittle the situation many are in now.  Our  thoughts and prayers are with those who are truly suffering because of Ike.  But we are thankful to say we are doing just fine. :)