Sunday, December 17, 2006

Daddy's girls

Father's Day is just too far away for me to wait to show off this picture! Josh- a man's man, big and tough athlete, outdoor roughin' it kind of guy- is the sweetest daddy to his two little girls! (This was a totally candid shot, by the way.) Posted by Picasa

Aubrey Meets Smoothie

The other day I made smoothies for Josh, Taylor and myself. I decided to let Aubrey have a try. SHE LOVED IT! Notice the progression from the smoothie being mine (with Aubrey eagerly waiting for every bite!) to being Aubrey's. She is a funny kid.

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St. Louis Power Outage

Many of you have expressed your concern for us because of the huge St. Louis power outage. We appreciate your concerns, and wanted to just let everyone know that though we did lose power for about 24 hours we were well taken care of by our neighbors and were SO glad when it came back on after just one day. (The power outage this summer left most of our street without power for a week, so when we lost it this time there was no telling how long it would be out!) I'm sorry I did not get the messege out sooner, but now you know.
The positive side of this experience was that the ice on all the trees was beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen the after-effects of an ice storm! Also, the girls got to play in the snow for the first time of the season. Taylor was excited about it but Aubrey...well, not so much.

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