Tuesday, September 04, 2007

School Days Have Begun

Taylor is now in her 3rd week of school. She is going three half-days a week to Central Christian School which is connected with our church. We are interested to see what the year brings. We are still seriously considering home schooling, and have actually officially begun that too. But this is somewhat of an experiment to see which kind of "setting" she works best under. Whatever we do decide about Taylor's future schooling, we are thankful to God for this great school and for Mrs. Burzinski, Taylor's amazing teacher.

This is Taylor on her first day of school....

Here is her classroom.
This is where the kids wait before they are allowed into their classrooms. We only did this the first day. Now I just drop her off straight into her room.

Do Taylor and her new friend remind anyone else of some people named Deb and Napoleon?
And here she is in her room with Mrs. B showing off one of the class hermit crabs. They also have a Guinea pig and a beta fish.
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