Monday, April 09, 2007

Our New Pets!

This might just go down as one of my all-time favorite shots of Aubrey! (Although Taylor did not appreciate her ripping the worms apart. )
Last week we had some really beautiful weather, so we decided to take a break from working indoors and get some much needed yard work done. Well, while we were ripping out overgrown vines and groundcover we found about a thousand earthworms! Taylor began collecting them until she had more than she could hold in her hands. So we got a plastic container out to make a new home for them. Aubrey saw what was going on and decided she had other plans for these fun little stretchy, wiggly critters!..and she pulled them apart. Lucky for me I had my gloves on, because I don't think I could have admitted to them that I do not want to hold the worms with my bare hands!
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The Big Hunt

Last year we started an indoor chocolate Easter egg hunt tradition, because it always seems to be cold outside on Easter. So here are a couple of shots from that which Taylor looked forward to more than anything else as Easter day approached.
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Happy Easter

Here is our littlest one at Easter.
May the gospel of Jesus Christ bless you as you realize the newness it brings to those who are saved by it.

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First dentist visit

Taylor impressed all the ladies at the dentist office by how brave she was during her very first visit. You just never know how things are going to go the first time you do it, but this was no big deal at all for Taylor! We all went together and she and Aubrey got to watch me and Josh go first, so I think that helped. Anyways, we were very proud of our "brave little girl". Because we all did such a great job, we treated ourselves to our favorite pizza place Dewey's [right by the new house :)].

What a beautiful smile!
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Climbing the Dogwoods

This is Taylor getting a lesson on tree climbing safety from her loving Papa.
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New House!

For the second half of Spring Break my parents came up to help us move into our new home! (Yes, we have a wonderful new home now and we are loving it! More pictures of that when we are completely settled.) This is us having our first meal in our new dining room. Mom and Dad helped the transition go much more smoothly with Mom's organizational skills and Dad's big strong muscles! And their company made it fun. They even babysat one night so Josh and I could go on a double date with our friends who trade babysitting with us. (We've never gone on a double date with them because one of us is always babysitting!)
We walked to one of the parks within a half mile of our new home, and fed the ducks and geese.

TAYLOR (typed by Taylor)
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Branson cont.

Taylor on the go-carts! She did such a great job!! She even parked it just right. She went fast but she was consentrating so hard. It was really cute.
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For the first half of Spring Break we met my cousin Kelly and her family in Branson. It was great to get away with them. It was a much needed break from everything. Sometimes in life when it rains it pours, and it definitely seemed to be pouring in our lives at this point. We had just had a miscarriage, and also there was just alot of stuff we were dealing with at the time. But Kelly and Richard and the boys were such great company. We truly enjoyed ourselves and the kids had a great time together too.

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Delivering Valentines

We had a great time delivering valetines -and of coarse candy- to all of our Gulf Dr. friends. Taylor boldly went up and knocked at each door to pass out the little treasures. I really enjoyed watching her be such a big girl as "shyness" has been one of her struggles. She loves giving gifts, though. So this was a fun way to encourage her to approach others with confidence. She was actually disapointed the times when no one was home... And Aubrey just enjoyed walking in the snow. :)
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The two loves of Aubrey's life- chocolate and shoes!

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