Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Little Change of Plans

We have told many of you that we were planning to come back to Texas on the 20th, but things have changed and now we don't have to rush to get back right after finals are over. We are planning to stay here another week and get back on the 26th. Also we are thinking we will not be in Texas the entire summer now- but just the first half or so. And then we will head back to St. Louis, but that is all still up in the air. Just thought we'd let you know! We are looking forward to seeing everyone back in our good ol' hometown. Hope everyone is doing well. By the way, please be praying for us. We are now in the middle of finals and it is a very strenuous time with Josh studying and me basically having the girls to myself. He just called to tell me he has finished his second final. So we are getting close to the finish, but there are two more which are more difficult than the first two. Well, we'll see you soon!