Thursday, February 08, 2007

Big Girl with Real Pigtails

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Catching up

Here are the girls "having fun" sleding outside our house a few weeks ago. It was Aubrey's first time. She did really like it after that initial fear of the unknown was gone! Taylor loved it!
We went to the St. Louis Science Center and of coarse Taylor found the baby section and imediately became a pediatrician. And a very good one too! I don't know what God has instore for her future, but I do wonder if it has anything to do with babies.
This is just kind of the classic pose I get anytime I say, "Smile pretty for the camera!" P.S. This was intended to be a picture of Aubrey's first real pigtails. Can you see them? :)
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Five whole years!

Over Christmas break Josh and I got to go to Colorado for a late 5th anniversary trip. Our girls stayed in Texas with family and friends, and we are soooo grateful to them for allowing us to get away and have a great time alone together. We managed to snowboard for three days without any broken bones! "Thank You, Lord!"
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