Friday, September 11, 2009

Flowers Fit for a Bride

Well, it has been almost a year now and countless memories have not made it to the blog... but this one will. And I hope this will help me get started again.

Josh's sister Hannah is getting married in one week and we are all very excited for her- especially the girls, because they get to be the flower girls! (I have seen them in their dresses once and they looked like princesses even with their messy hair.) So needless to say, as the big day approaches there is more and more talk about weddings, and brides, and pretty hair, and what they are going to be doing in the wedding, and how many more days until the wedding!

Also as the days pass and summer slowly becomes fall, the weather is becoming nicer, and going for a walk to the mailbox and back (a good distance for the kids) is sounding really good- especially since we just got 3 inches of RAIN in the past few days!! So I took the kids after dinner and we just enjoyed a typical evening walk. As we were walking, Aubrey noticed a bunch of very pretty white flowers that seem to have popped out of the ground along with the wonderful new grass that our ranch has not seen in a very long time. The girls and Campbell went off to pick some, and sure enough it became "a bouquet for a wedding". Taylor was humming a made-up tune and Campbell picked up on it and started humming along side her. Aubrey continued to collect her prizes happily and quietly. They would bring me their handfuls every once in a while and then go back for more until we had a "huge" bouquet of beautiful white flowers. Then they decided it wasn't for a wedding after all and I got to keep it! So I did what any mother would do. I put it in a vase and took pictures of it so I would remember this time forever.

The sweet smell of the flowers fills up my kitchen, and the sweet memory of watching my three kids picking the flowers together in the cool evening after the refreshing rain fills my heart with gratitude to my Lord, the Giver of all good things.