Thursday, July 31, 2008


"When I hear that music, it makes me think we are in a beautiful garden with grass growing out if the walls and giant roses coming out of the walls too.  And there is a beautiful path going from the garden, and when you follow the path it leads you right in front of a rainbow castle!"- Taylor

Sunday, July 27, 2008

7 Months old

At this point Campbell seems to have two passions in life; climbing up things, and putting things in his mouth.  He is getting very fast at the stairs and if they are blocked he will find something -anything- else to climb!  He also loves to smile.  I often will feel someone looking at me and when I look over at my little Campbell he breaks out into a huge grin.  I LOVE it!  He also cannot stop smiling when I come to get him out of his bed when he wakes up.  He makes me feel so loved.  My heart just melts. 

Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Blog and Other "News"

Well, we made it through the blog address/name change. (Thanks for bearing with me on that one.) But there have been a few other changes that we have recently encountered and are still in the midst of. Let's see where do I begin. Moving to College Station (and all the changes that come with moving to a new town), Josh going back to school (and starting off with a bang!- summer classes are crazy), Campbell becoming VERY mobile, Taylor starting kindergarten, (I'm glad at least Aubrey isn't currently going through a major change!), and oh yeah, we are moving AGAIN! This time not as far- just about 5 minutes from our current house. I decided not to unpack the last box so I could say I was not completely unpacked before we decided to buy a house and move again. :) When we moved to College Station we decided to rent until we had a better idea of where we were going etc., so we knew this home would be temporary, but I had no idea it would be THIS temporary. We had been here 2 weeks when we signed the contract! Oh yeah, and God showed His awesome hand by providing new renters for this house! Huge blessing. They wanted to move in August 1 and Josh was going to try to make that happen despite his final on the 4th! We agreed to have this house ready for them by the 6th. So there you have it. Are we crazy? I have asked myself that more than once. And really the answer is, no we just saw an opportunity and took it. We are....flexible! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Name Was Taken!

Well, I should have checked the availability before announcing our new name/address.  It was already taken.  But I like our new new name better anyways!  As of next week (to give people time to see this post) our new address will be  I'll send an email to everyone whose address I have.  

Friday, July 18, 2008


Well, our St. Louis days are over, and now we are living in College Station - gig 'em Ags! And we have decided on a new blog name. It is.... (drum roll)... These Days or So, assuming I figure out how to switch it now, this will be my last post on this blog.

On that note, here are a few pictures of the past little while....
1. beautiful evening at the lake
2. Campbell showing off his new-found skills
3. our sweet little guy
4. Taylor and Aubrey having a blast at The Bounce
5. Campbell and his cousin Sam with their daddies- a good-lookin' group!