Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Misc. Ranch Memories

Aubrey's checkin' out the deer feeder with Papa.

I think Taylor's favorite thing about going on walks in picking flowers to give to others.

Aubrey enjoyed seeing the donkeys who were joining us on our walk. She wanted to give them her rock "ball". I think she was getting them mixed up with dogs.

Nana and Aubrey
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Taylor wins! But it won't be long before the competition gets more challenging!

Aubrey is always right behind Taylor, whatever she is doing.
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Sweet baby Harrison, Jeff and Di's first-born.

Sometimes sad faces are just too adorable!

On your mark, get set...

Taylor really likes her little cousin.
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Making lemonade

Kristin, Ladonna and I planned on taking our girls to Sea World, but then found outit was closed the day we were going to go. So instead of being totally bumbed out we got together at my parents' house, and they had a great time playing together in the fountain! It has been so fun to watch these girls grow up together, and to see what great friends they are becoming.

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"Ranch Work"

helping Papa clean out their fountain
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Fun With Cousins

We came down to Texas for Josh's sister Hannah's high school graduation, which I am ashamed to say I did not remember my camera for. But the night of all these pictures was another highlight of the trip. We just had a great time hanging out with the Leininger side of the family at Greg and Kristin's house...

Papa reading with Micah and Aubrey...not enough lap space for all these grandkids! (Number 10 and 11 are on the way!)

Whenever Aubrey is happy about something she has just gotten or put on herself she walks around in circles very enthusiasticly! It is hard to capture but that is what she is doing here. Notice the "sho" and the hat. :)

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Paul Bunyan

We have been doing alot of work in our front and back yards since we moved into our new house. This is a huge tree stump that we found after tearing out a big, messy area of vines (and an old bird bath). We though we were almost finished, until we found this beast! But no physical task is too tough for Josh!! So he was out there swinging his ax like Paul Bunyan until he eventually pulled out the stump with his hands! Before he started wacking at the stump it was about 24" in diameter. And all this to make a pleasant and safe backyard for his little girls...and now there is a nice new fence were Josh is standing in the picture.
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