Sunday, February 26, 2006

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This is Taylor's new friend Georgia who lives in our neighborhood. Trying to get these two little girls to be still, look at me, and smile was impossible! So this is what we ended up with. As you can probably tell from the pictures, Taylor and Georgia have a lot in common! They are both energetic kids who love to talk, dance, play dress-up, babies, and kitchen. They also enjoy playing outside when the weather allows. They have so much fun together, but they also will definitely not ever let the other take advantage of them! I am so thankful God answered our prayers and gave Taylor such a good friend here in St. Louis. Posted by Picasa
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"Aubrey wants the toys!"

This picture shows one way Taylor likes to play with Aubrey. She likes to give her toys to play with. Even if Aubrey is perfectly happy with the ONE toy she is already playing with, that is just never enough for Taylor's satisfaction. She always says, "Aubrey wants this toy!" as she piles on 2,3,...8,9,10 toys on top of her. Sometimes Aubrey doesn't care but other times she does not appear to enjoy having a mountain of stuffed animals on top of her! Posted by Picasa

First piggies!

Here is Aubrey in her first pig tails. Just thought y'all might enjoy the picture. We think it makes her look so different, alot older! Pretty funny, huh! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 25, 2006


I do not have my camera back yet because I left it when we went to Texas. But I do have a fun little tidbit of news. Aubrey now has two teeth! They came through two days apart. I'm glad the process was not dragged out! She of coarse was very sweet about it, though we did have to get her some pain medicine the two nights before they came in.

Well, it was fun to see everyone we got to see in Texas. And for those we did not get to see, we'll see you this summer!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Future Best Friends!

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This is just a picture of Taylor in a dress that was mine that my mom saved. Thanks, Mom! I took this picture especially for you! Posted by Picasa

This is Taylor demonstrating Josh's study strategy. She got those earplugs in her ears all by herself! Anyway, as you can probably imagine, Josh's first full week of classes went well, and he is excited about the semester. His first paper is due Thursday! The Lord is already challenging him through the books he is reading, and I can already see in his life evidence of the Lord's work on his heart. I am constantly being challenged and encouraged in my own life as I see Josh's humble and relentless pursuit of Godliness. I hope and pray as God uses our time here to shape and teach Josh, that He will shape and teach me as well, and that we will sharpen each other as we go through this training together. Posted by Picasa

This one's for you, Dad. You taught me everyhthing I know about the joys of graham crackers and milk, and now I get to teach it to my own daughter- obviously a very willing student. I love you more than words can say. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fun at the St. Louis Zoo


Yesterday, was another nice sunny day. We are loving this sunshine! Every day we try to get out and do something fun with Taylor before the snow and cold comes and "going out" becomes a little more of an ordeal. (Although we are looking forward to playing in the snow whenever it does decide to come and visit!) Anyway, we went to the zoo yesterday and that is what this picture is all about! Taylor loved the animals and Aubrey enjoyed the backs of her eyelids the whole time. We got there an hour before closing, so we just kind of sped through it and had fun in the play area. I was quite impressed with Josh for his ability to get into this hippo, but then there were moments where we were wondering if he was ever going to get out! Thankfully he got out before it got too cold outside and he was in good shape to go to class this morning. Oh, the things a daddy will do for his little girl. Posted by Picasa